If you haven’t already heard, biotin is a great and necessary supplement to be taken during your pregnancy. The way your child grows inside of you is totally dependant on the nutrients you consume. One of those nutrients should be biotin. Many pregnant women go through a biotin deficiency. Not having enough biotin can cause numbness, tingling, a rash, hallucinations, depression, hair loss, and may also contribute to birth defects. You are supposed to have 30 micrograms of biotin a day while you are pregnant. Please speak to your doctor though before adding any supplements to your diet. Continue reading for all the facts.

Why Biotin Is So Important During Pregnancy

To make it simple, your body uses your supply of biotin more quickly when you are pregnant. This actually applies to most vitamins in your body during pregnancy, which is why all pregnant women should be taking a prenatal vitamin. According to research, close to 50% of pregnant women experience biotin deficiency. It tends to happen during the third trimester, which is why you should stay ahead of the could-be and take a biotin supplement from the start. Biotin helps your body convert food into energy, in addition, your entire wellbeing. Biotin, also known as vitamin H, has a much larger role during pregnancy since it can supplement a loss of vitamin B.

Sources of Biotin

Many foods are extremely rich in biotin. Consuming these foods can help you increase your intake you vitamin H. Biotin is found in bananas, whole grains, cereals, mushrooms, raspberries, legumes, salmon, avocado, peanut butter, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cauliflower, cheddar cheese, animal livers, animal kidneys, pork, and egg yolks. So, if none of these foods are a part of your diet, you may have a biotin deficiency.


Please speak with your doctor before adding any biotin-rich foods or biotin supplements to your pregnancy diet. They usually wouldn’t cause harm but it is essential to discuss it with someone who knows your medical history and any prescribed medications you may be taking. You will also need to find out the correct dosage for yourself. Any excess amount of biotin should just leave your body through urination since it is a water-soluble vitamin. Biotin supplements may cause digestive issues or nausea side effects in some people. It shouldn’t cause any allergic reactions though.

Natural Biotin

Your body actually already naturally produces biotin. It is produced by specific bacteria. It is a crucial nutrient for normal bodily functions. The supplements, in addition, help pregnant women keep their nails and skin healthy while helping them not shed too much hair. In addition to eating a balanced diet during pregnancy, eat a ton of foods rich in biotin. It will help protect you and your child against many illnesses.

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