What is NOW Biotin?

This product is said to provide you with amino acid metabolism support and promotes a healthy immune function. The manufacturer focuses on using biotin as the key element in this formula to provide overall immune support and for improving the health of your skin.

In this review of NOW Biotin, we will be taking a closer look at factors such as the ingredients, price, guarantee and possible side effects. Our aim is to provide you with factual information in order to help you make an informed decision before purchasing this product.


As the name suggests, 5000 mcg of biotin is the key ingredient found in this formula. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that forms part of the vitamin B complex nutrient group which is essential for healthy metabolic, nerve, digestive and cardiovascular function. It aids in converting macronutrients into energy thereby increasing your metabolic rate. Biotin is also said to promote a healthier skin and nails. While this formula sounds promising, we were disappointed to find that it also contains rice flour which is used as a filler in the supplement industry and owing to the fact that it is usually synthesized in a lab, it may compromise the purity and quality of the natural ingredients.


This formula is presented in halaal and kosher grade veggie capsules. NOW insists that you take one capsule daily with meals. In comparison to other leading brands, 5000 mcg is much lower than the standard recommended dose of 10 000 mcg. This low dosage may not be sufficient enough to deliver optimum results.


You can find this product in quantities of 60 or 120 capsules per unit. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the 60 count is $9.99 and $17.99 for the 120 count. This product can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer or via authorized third-party distributors. We were unable to find any bulk purchase discount options available but we noticed that the price for the 120 count is significantly cheaper on third-party sites.

Possible Side Effects

While there have not been any known side effects associated with this product, the manufacturer does warn that you should consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant or experiencing any known medical disorder.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

NOW insists that they are dedicated to providing quality products to consumers, however, we were disappointed to see that this statement had not been backed up with a money back guarantee. Purchasing products without a guarantee implies that the manufacturer has not provided any commitment or confidence in the effectiveness of their products and you may find yourself losing out on a few hard earned dollars.

NOW Biotin Review – The Bottom Line

After analyzing all the facts, we appreciate that this product is competitively priced and caters to vegetarians and those individuals who have food restrictions, however, there are a few downsides which we cannot ignore. While doing our research, we came across an article on the official website itself about the manufacturer recalling products because the labels had shown incorrect information about the soy allergens within the product. This is a very careless mistake that could have harmed the health of those who are sensitive to soy products. The other downfall of this product is the low dosage of biotin which may not be sufficient enough to effectively produce any results and that fact that there is no money back guarantee could mean that you may end up wasting money on a product that does not work for you.

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