Multiple sclerosis is a disease whereby the central nervous system, which includes the brain and the spinal cord, is affected by immune system effects. Scientists are still not aware of the cause of the disease, but it is believed that it could be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. People who have multiple sclerosis usually veer towards a diet and vitamins to control the symptoms. Vitamin B helps the body to turn food into energy to keep the liver healthy.

Biotin, which is also known as Vitamin H, is crucial for health. Some of the foods that contain Biotin are nuts, liver and egg yolks. The United States Food and Nutrition Board has determined that the suitable consumption of Biotin daily is 30 micrograms.

The Use of Biotin

Studies have shown that biotin can be used to treat progressive MS as it supports nerve cell metabolism. Biotin assists the body in producing myelin, which protects the nerve cells. Health professionals strive to attain the correct levels of myelin, thereby, enabling the communication between the nerve cells to lower the level of disability of patients who are suffering from MS. Research has indicated that a high intake of biotin, which is roughly estimated to be around 10000 times the recommended consumption, is able to reduce the symptoms that develop in MS patients.

Biotin’s Benefits

After testing the benefits of biotin, it has been proven that biotin increases energy production in demyelinated axons and enhances myelin synthesis in oligodendrocytes. Since biotin is extremely bioavailable, its absorption and excretion are rapid. Patients with progressive MS were given a high intake of biotin, which resulted in reduced pain and improved energy levels. Research showed that patients who were treated with biotin saw an improvement in their vision.

Patients who took part in the studies did not all see the same level of improvement. Results did vary, however, most patients experienced significant changes in their condition. The studies also showed that when you take in high doses of biotin, symptoms of MS are reduced without the potential of causing any side effects. Besides supporting healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver, biotin also helps the nervous system function properly.


From the numerous studies that have been conducted, it has been proven that biotin alleviated the process of disability and definitely improved the patient’s ability to be mobile. Patients who underwent the treatment were able to tolerate the high intake of biotin, and they did not experience any side effects or adverse reactions. Doctors stated that they observed improvements in patients’ condition, which they found to be odd as patients suffering from MS are not supposed to see any improvement in their condition. The researchers also discovered that biotin’s effects can be noticed in the long term. When the doctors administered the patients with biotin, they were able to see improvement only after several months. In certain cases, it took as long as 9 months of treatment to see improvement in the patient.

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