Everyone is different and that statement cannot be truer especially when it comes down to hair. There is a shampoo or serum for every hair condition you can think of whether it be dandruff, frizz, dry hair or oily hair. Some even go as far as to advertise rapid hair growth but there are many underlying factors you need to consider when it comes down to hair thinning and a shelf brand shampoo may not be enough to help stimulate the hair follicles, sometimes the problem is deep within and not only on the surface.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The average person grows about 6 inches of hair per year which means that is 0.50 inches per month but as we get older it is not uncommon for hair to take even longer to grow.

There are 4 stages that each hair goes through during its lifespan:

  1. Anagen (Growing Phase) – This stage usually lasts from about 2 to 7 years, the length of our hair is dependant on the length of this phase.
  2. Catagen (Transition Phase) – This phase lasts only about 10 days. The hair follicle begins to shrink and detaches from the dermal papilla.
  3. Telogen (Resting Phase) – About 15% of your hair is in this phase, and while the old hair is “resting”, new hairs are starting to grow in the anagen phase.
  4. Exogen (Shedding Phase) – This phase forms part of the resting stage when old hair detaches and sheds and new hair starts to grow.

It is normal to lose about 150 strands of hair a day but many factors such as hormonal change, medication, age, and poor diet may affect this rate rapidly. As we age, the anagen phase becomes much shorter which causes the hair to become weaker and thinner.

How To Prevent Hair Loss?

#1 Biotin

Biotin forms part of the vitamin B complex nutrient group and is necessary for many metabolic functions. Hair loss and weak brittle nails are often a common sign of a biotin deficiency and you may need to start taking additional supplements in order to restore your hair and nails back to it’s healthier state. While you may find that many cosmetic products have biotin included in their ingredient lists, it may not be as effective as taking a biotin supplement or getting this nutrient from your diet.

#2 Zinc

Hair Loss is also common in a zinc deficiency. Some studies have shown that the proteins which make up the hair follicle start to deteriorate without a sufficient amount of zinc, therefore, causing your hair to become weaker and thinner. Make sure you are getting enough zinc in your diet in order to keep your hair stronger and healthier.

#3 Protein

A lack of protein may also be a contributing factor to hair loss and is common in those who crash diet or exclude protein for weight loss purposes often. Luckily, this condition can be reversed by ensuring you are getting enough protein in your diet such as eggs, meat, beans, and grains.

The Bottom Line

There are many factors that can cause your hair to weaken or fall out. Cosmetic products only focus on the surface and don’t target the root of the problem. Ensuring that you get the proper nutrients in your diet such as biotin and zinc may help to reduce the rate at which your hair falls out, it can also help by making your locks look thicker and healthier.

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