If your nails are brittle and break easily it may be best to stop looking into topcoats and other cosmetic products and to start looking into your diet to see if you are lacking any nutrients that may be causing your nails to become weaker. Hair loss and weak brittle nails are often a sign of biotin deficiency, while it may not be very common, it is not unheard of especially if you are pregnant or not eating enough biotin-rich foods.

What Is Biotin?

Biotin or more commonly known as vitamin B7 is a water-soluble nutrient which means that the body does not store or produce it, you can only get it from food sources and supplements. Vitamin H is another nickname for biotin which is derived from the German words for hair and skin, “Haar” und “Haut” because of its ability to strengthen the hair and nails. In addition to that biotin is also coenzyme and is responsible for assisting enzymes and amino acids to break down sugars, fats, and carbohydrates and converts them into glucose in order for the body to use it as energy or fuel.

How Does Biotin Strengthen The Nails?

Your nails are a reflection of your internal health and brittle weak nails is often a sign that your body is lacking nutrients. Biotin is known to have an effect on strengthening the nails because it aids in producing and maintaining keratinized tissues such as the skin and hair. It also helps to thicken the nail plate which prevents any damage from affecting the nail bed. Some studies have shown that biotin has had a positive effect on the wear and tear and growth in cattle hooves.

What Foods Should You Be Eating?

There are many food sources and supplements which offer a sufficient amount of biotin needed for your nails to grow healthier and stronger. If you are not one for supplements, you can start including the following foods into your diet:


Biotin plays a crucial role in fetal development which is why it makes sense that the yolk of the egg is very rich in biotin.


Studies show that mushrooms contain a high content of biotin because it protects the mushrooms while they are growing from parasites and predators. Eating raw mushrooms may be more beneficial than when they are cooked because heat reduces the potency of the biotin.


Almonds contain almost 49% of the recommended daily allowance of biotin. Not only are they a great source of biotin but they are very high in protein which is beneficial for stronger nails.


Leafy greens such as spinach are very high in biotin, zinc, and niacin which are all nutrients that contribute to maintaining the integrity of your nails and hair. Spinach is also very high in antioxidants which protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Take Home Note

Brittle weak nails are often a sign of a deeper problem that is caused by a lack of nutrients in your body. Biotin as a supplement or in food sources can help to strengthen the nail plate as it plays a crucial role in the production and maintenance of keratinized tissues such as the hair and skin. Include biotin-rich foods such as spinach, eggs, and almonds in your diet to ensure that you are getting the sufficient amount of biotin daily.

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