Biotin is referred to as a Vitamin H, which is found in small amounts in foods such as egg, milk and bananas. Biotin breaks down substances such as carbohydrates and fats. When you do not get enough biotin through your diet, you can obtain your daily allotment through supplements. If you are looking for biotin supplements, it is labeled either as Energy Complex or Adrenal Support. Using biotin has several health benefits, which we are going to scrutinize.

Hair, Nails and Skin

If you are deficient in biotin, you may have brittle nails, hair that is splitting easily and breaking, and dry or irritated skin. Studies have shown that a high intake of biotin will make your weak hair and brittle nails stronger.  Biotin also protects your skin from conditions such as fungal infections and acne. It also moisturizes the skin.

Blood Sugar

Biotin assists in regulating blood sugar as it stimulates the production of insulin, as well as lowering the blood pressure of diabetics. People who are struggling to maintain healthy glucose levels will reap the rewards by consuming biotin. As it maintains blood sugar levels, biotin prevents metabolic syndrome and can also assist in the prevention of gaining weight.

Heart Health

When you consume high levels of biotin, you protect your heart from conditions such as inflammation, heart attacks and strokes. Biotin is able to increase cholesterol that is considered healthy whilst decreasing the level of cholesterol that is considered unhealthy. Diabetic patients need a high intake of biotin as they are prone to heart diseases.


Your metabolism functions properly when you consume enough biotin. Biotin is known for converting the consumed food into energy, thereby, stimulating the healthy function of the metabolism. Biotin converts glucose found in sugar and carbs into fuel.


Biotin protects and develops muscles and tissues. People who have a muscle injury can expedite their repairing and rebuilding by consuming a biotin supplement or making adjustments to their diets. Biotin strengthens and stimulates the growth of muscles. Biotin reduces inflammation and as a result, it prevents sore muscles.

Cell Development

One of the functionalities of biotin is that it permits the division and growth of cells. Biotin regulates DNA formation, which enables the normal functioning of genetic information in cells. Biotin ensures the proper development of cells and DNA in a maturing fetus, thereby, decreasing the possibility of any irregularities during pregnancy.

Energy Production

One of the main functions of biotin is its role in producing energy in the body. Biotin is an essential nutrient for changing macronutrients into fuel to give strength to the cells in the body. If you do not get sufficient levels of biotin, you will have a lack of energy, therefore, you may feel weary during the day.

From the aforementioned facts, it is clear that biotin has several benefits. Adults need to ensure that they consume sufficient levels of biotin to maintain and improve their health. Consuming foods that contain biotin or supplements will ensure you get the benefits from it.

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